Keep your loved ones safe with

HELIA® Life Signs

HELIA® Life Signs is a smart system that will help you know when your grandparents or parents living alone are in health danger.
Many of us are scared to not be able to take care of our loved ones. We also don’t want to be controlling. Or maybe the parents are the ones who don’t want to feel controlled, or they simply don’t feel good to have you always checking if something is wrong. And unfortunately, a lot of elderly people living alone face sudden health problems that put their lives in extreme danger if not noticed quickly. And for such a problem we at HELIA® have found the solution that will remove all your worries:

Why HELIA® Life Signs?

What does HELIA® Life Signs do? ​

HELIA® Life signs detects if there is no activity noticed around the house and immediately notifies you and the other caretakers to send the needed help.

How does HELIA® life signs work?

HELIA® Life Signs uses our motion sensor technology that can be easily attached to your bathroom door or fridge, for example. If the sensor does not recognize any movement within a defined time window, the stored caretaker is notified.

People Love HELIA®

"HELIA life signs is a great innovative invention. I believe every household with a person living alone should have it. I personally use it for my mother-in-law and it made her feel much safer and made us less worried."*
"My Grandmother fell down, we were very scared for her so we looked for SOS buttons. After trying many products, HELIA Home emergency was the only reliable device we could find. We love it!"*
Jana Löbau
A caring granddaughter

*Direct quotations taken from interviews with people who used HELIA®


Easy Installation

All it needs is power and internet, and DONE! The sensors also can be easily stuck to different surfaces.

No interruption to the elders' life!

HELIA® life signs is a smart device that will notify you only when there is something wrong. This means no interference or interruption to the parents’ lives!

Stay Notified

Receive an e-mail or cost-free Push Notification for Information, Alarms, and different kinds of warnings

Automatic Maintenance

Receive new Firmware updates automatically

And Much more...

People sleep but HELIA® doesn't!

Unlike people, HELIA® Life Signs is awake 24/7 to make sure that your loved ones are safe and well.

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a day
0 days
a week

The security and discreet handling of your personal data are important and guaranteed.

(encrypted communication according to the German Federal Office for Information Security recommendation)

Own Your Data

Who are we?

ISIS IC GmbH is an innovating company from Germany specialized in the areas of radio and mobile technology and assistance systems.

Our mission with HELIA® is to empower the people in taking care of their beloved ones using our smart assistance system devices.

And with with that, we strive to ultimately achieve our vision: to save millions of lives using technology and ease the lives of their caretakers.

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