The HELIA® team sends their condolences to the families of the victims of the recent accident in Wesel.

Keep your loved ones safe with


HELIA® Assistance Systems are smart devices that help you ensure the safety of your loved ones and give them the needed help at the right time.

Parents, grandparents, or anyone living alone, with HELIA® passive devices you will no longer need to worry!

“What If They Needed Me And I Did Not Know At The Right Time?”

Many of us are concerned that we might not be able to meet the self-imposed requirements of taking care of the older generation. But with our other responsibilities, we might not have enough time, or we fear that our relatives might feel bothered or controlled.

The security needs of our loved ones increase with age, especially when living alone.

At the same time, they do not want to be a burden to their families. Many elderly people sometimes find it difficult to admit that physical afflictions and chronic illnesses limit their abilities for self-sufficiency and mobility.

"Who Is Going To Help Me If Anything Happens?"

Make Sure You Are There When It Is Needed!

Our innovative products vary from active help requests like the HELIA® Home and Mobile Emergency buttons or passive ones like HELIA® Life Signs, HELIA® Alarm, and HELIA® Dispenser. These systems alert you automatically without the press of a button.

Corona Virus Update

Because HELIA® cares about its customers. Our HELIA® team is working on solutions to the problems caused by the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic.

The security and discreet handling of your personal data are important and guaranteed.

(encrypted communication according to the German Federal Office for Information Security recommendation)

Own Your Data

People Love HELIA®

"HELIA life signs is a great innovative invention. I believe every household with a person living alone should have it. I personally use it for my mother-in-law and it made her feel much safer and made us less worried."*
"My Grandmother fell down, and we were terrified for her so we looked for SOS buttons. After trying many products, HELIA Home emergency was the only reliable device we could find. We love it!"*
Jana Löbau
A caring granddaughter

*Direct quotations taken from interviews with people who used HELIA®

Choose Your Own Mix!

The different functionalities of our products can be mixed and customized to your needs at a special cost

Who are we?

ISIS IC GmbH is an innovating company from Germany specialized in the areas of radio, mobile technology, IoT, and assistance systems.

Our mission with HELIA® is to empower the people in taking care of their beloved ones using our smart assistance system devices.

And with that, we strive to ultimately achieve our vision: to save millions of lives using technology and ease the lives of their caretakers.

Our team is waiting for your message or call to answer all your questions. Send us a message or call us! You can also check our Frequently Asked Questions page, or subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive offers and discounts.

We Are Here For You!

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